My Heart screensaver

Another simple screensaver designed by myself which brings moving hearts to your desktop. They pop from the ground an disappear in a misty sky. That's it. And it's great fun to watch them.

The propellerheart screensaver

While beta-testing this website I was asked to put more information on this page. What can I tell you? I want to offer a screensaver at a moderate price.

What is it all about?

Before we get in too deep - the Propellerheart Screensaver is quite simple. You see a propeller-driven glossy heart that randomly floats across your screen. Nothing more and nothing less. There are no other elements or surprising effects. We decided to keep this screensaver simple - based on the "Less is more" guideline.

What's love got to do with it ?

We all remember this old song performed by Tina Turner in the late 80's. Obviously the simple Propellerheart Screensaver for MacOS X is supposed to remind you of all those lovely moments you had (or still have) when falling in love: a secret kiss, a romantic night, a silent walk in the park.


I would love to create screensavers and other desktop stuff for free - anyway, I still have to make a living. Therefore I have to charge a small fee for the usage of the Propellerheart Screensaver. I hope you don't mind my doing so.

More !

I just made this screensaver for fun - there is another one I created earlier this year that goes for free and still is quite popular: Flying Macs - a dedication to Apple Computers.


Are you interested in a customized version of this screensaver for your company or business? The heart can be replaced by a logo-animation or whatever you need. Just ask us for more details.

Technical information

Sad but true - this romantic screensaver was once created by a cold machine. We used ingredients like wireframe models, steel textured propellers and a bunch of flash actionscripting to create Propellerheart. The Flashfile was converted with Screentime for flash, the Icon was made with the Tryout version of Iconfactory.


Idea, conception, modeling, assembly:
Andy "Travel"

Little Actionscripting:

Download Problems

After your payment via PayPal is confirmed you should automatically be redirected to the download page - if not, please send an e-mail to


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